1. Do SCW makes all types of custom sports & team Clothing?
A: Yes; All types of sports & team clothing, orders are accepted including Cricket, Soccer, Rugby, AFL, Netball, Baseball, Wrestling, Gym Wear, Tennis, hockey and many more..
2. Do SCW allow you to customize everything from fabric to printing?
A: Yes; our customers can ask to produce everything as per their desired quality and look.
3. What about the shipping cost?
Shipping costs are included on the personally requested quotes while there will be a separate shipping cost during check out if ordering via store.
4. Is there any tax or hidden charges other than mentioned on web-store?
A: VAT applies on the orders through the store while there may not be any tax or just some percentage if ordering through conversation with us
5. Is there any extra have to pay if remote area?
A: Yes, In some regional areas extra fees will apply.
6. How may I pay?
A: You may have options to pay through PayPal / Direct Bank Transfer or online through our Shopify store.
7. What is turn-around time?
A: For all bulk orders, it takes 18-20 working days from the date order details got counter-approved by the customer with payment.
8. I have complicated order of varied items, which I can’t place through this Shopify store, how do I proceed with it then?
A: No problem; Please call us or send us an email with your order details, we’ll deal with that way.
9. Is there any discount price other than mentioned on Shopify store?
A: Our discounts on prices runs automatically on our web-store in proportion to quantity per design. Please email us your details with quantity; we’ll quote you for better understanding.
10. What if I have to add few more items after an order has been placed already with you and that is in process of production.
A: You may add-on the order within 3 working days after the basic order has been placed and paid, where our customer services representative will help you to proceed with this.