1 - Design & Details Submission

Selection of Design with details submit. Where-after one of our customers support representatives contact you to make assure the details and custom instructions of graphic design to place the logos, names, numbers, sponsors etc

2 - Sampling & Prototype

Once quotation is accepted and payment processed, our dedicated manager will discuss & finalize with you all points inclusive Size Standard, specific patterns, trims, fabrics, colors, combinations, printings and labeling to further proceed for virtual or real sample(S) development for you.

3 - Bulk Production

Once sample(s) gets approved, we will go for bulk production with target to complete production at mutually set lead time.

4 - Inspection, Reviews & Verification

After bulk production, our dedicated team inspect the whole order production with all checks on all instructions & specifications set by our customer or client. Meantime our dedicated manager will also get verify the whole production randomly & virtualy for the best satisfaction of our customer/client before to dispatch.

5 - Packing & Shipment

At the last, Our dedicated manager will assist you with type of packing you would like to require as well as will provide the courier/cargo details i.e. consignment weight/volume, any extra cost (if applied), delivery time, shipment insurance, suitable courier/cargo company.And so, your consignment will be moved accordingly.

6 - Consignment Follow-up & Feedback

We as SCW, always believe in after sale services, to keep our customer's satisfaction with all the reviews, feedback and improvisations so that a maximum understanding on flow of business relation could be maintained with persistancy and accuracy.